Friday, 11 September 2015

Six Chapters from The Sacred History of Being

The first five chapters of my upcoming book are available to read by following the links below. A further chapter, which discusses George Berkeley's understanding of the Nature of Reality, is also available in the list.

Information about the publication status of SHB can be found among the Resource pages (right hand side of the blog pages).

[The Sacred History of Being was published by the Anshar Press on November 2, 2015]


Part One

A sense of the past
How old is Philosophy?
The Arrival of the idea of Being
The West and the Other
The Golem
Change and what is permanent
Recurring Questions
The Ontological Argument
The Ontological Argument in Anselm
The Ontological Argument in Descartes
The Nature of Reality in Berkeley
Hume and Kant on Reality

[Post updated on October 1, 2017]

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