Thursday, 24 March 2016

Free promotional copies of 'J.G. Frazer and the Platonic Theory of Being'

James Frazer won a fellowship with an essay on the development of Plato's theory of the Forms or Ideas. In this essay he argued that there was no overarching theory of Being in Plato's mind before he embarked on the writing of his dialogues, and that consequently differences in approach and discussion apparent in his work are the result of development in his thought. Was he right?

Available now for pre-order from Barnes and Noble, Apple Itunes, and some other booksellers. Using the coupon code UR65H, the book can be pre-ordered for free.

From April 4, the book can be bought at:

To access the book via Smashwords, you will have to subscribe to their site, if you haven't already. The process is as straightforward as at other booksellers,

Purchasers should enter and apply the coupon number (UR65H) during the transaction to obtain a copy of the book (in ePub format) free of charge.

With the coupon, the book will be free from April 4 until July 22. After which the book will revert to its standard price of $2.99.

When you purchase a book from Smashwords you can find it listed in your library after the transaction. The button to take you there should be on the lower right of the page. You can download the ePub file from the library.

If you find any problems with the process of purchasing or accessing the book for free with the coupon, let me know at:

Readers without an eBook reader can read the book on a computer with Adobe Digital Editions, which can be downloaded free from:

Choose your region and download the version of ADE which will run on your computer.

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