Thursday, 18 February 2016

Understanding Ancient Thought

New book, 'Understanding Ancient Thought' now being edited into shape. It deals with a number of important issues which obstruct our understanding of ancient thought. It also provides introductory materials for the 'The Sacred History of Being', and explores the history of the twenty year plus project, through documentation recently recovered from imprisonment in obsolete software formats.

Questions explored include the ancient model of reality; the intellectual basis of Greek theology; Aristotle and the early history of philosophy; sociology and the evolutionary view of religious thought; magic and ontology in ancient Greece; the four causes; the understanding of the ancient world in the high Renaissance; the understanding of the ancient world in the European Enlightenment;   and the role of intention in ancient religion.

The final text will be around 60 thousand words. It will be published by the Anshar Press, in early summer 2016. Illustrated. Details of the publication date and availability will be published on this blog.

Thomas Yaeger

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